21 December, 2014

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Whatever Eva wants . . .Eva gets!  is a personal blog who offers reviews *among other topics* so you, the reader, can make an informed decision before buying a product. I used to be in the same shoes, which is why i started this blog in the first place. That, and of course, my passion for beauty products. 
Please be aware that personal results may vary.
As much as I try to inform you of all the details of a product, you have to realize that I am not liable for any problems that may arise from trying out a reviewed product (i.e rash, irritations, or other skin & nail problems). We are all different individuals and something that was good for me, may not be good for you and vice versa.
Reviews & opinions are my own and based on my experience with a product.
Use any products featured on my blog with caution and safety in mind.
Some of the products I review are purchased with my personal money and some are given to me from various companies for reviewing purpose.
If you see  *please read disclaimer   at the bottom of an article, that means the product was received in a barter collaboration.
If a 'P' is added, that means it's a paid article with products provided from the company.
However, all reviews are honest and not influenced in any way because they were provided free of charge. I will not lose my credibility for anyone.
If you are a company, please know that i take each of my collaborations seriously!
- product and event reviews
- banner and link ads
- giveaways/contests
For rates and more info, send me an e-mail. Please include a link to your website/business when inquiring.

Photo use
DO NOT use my photos or copy my content without my permission!
e-mail at whatever_eva_wants@yahoo.com

Removing watermarks are forbidden too.
If you wish to use my photos for commercial reasons, please send me an e-mail.

  Eva  (◠‿◠)✌

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