21 December, 2014

Golden Rose Velvet Matte 02, 06 - Avon lip crayon Charming Pink, Avon 3D plumping Uptown Pink

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ENG: It's been more than a month since i last wrote something. Or even opened up my email, let alone surf the blogosphere. Why? Because i ended up in a point where everything was too much. Too much in real life and too much in online too. I ended up accumulating so much negative stuff, without even realising and i needed a break. A break to return to my usual self. To my goofy, nerdy, happy self.
Well, it took me longer than i thought, but here i am. And i am so happy that i took that "social media detox" because my creative self is back too. It's like a writer's block or a bird without wings. If you take his words away or cut off the birds wings, what do you end up with? I think it's the same with creative people. You're just not yourself anymore and you're grumpy all the time.
The last month has been especially hard for a lot of people. My fellow romanians know what i'm talking about. I have been tempted to write something about the . . .let's call it "incident", because it really was a stupid disaster that destroyed a lot of people's lives.
Ignorance, indifference, hunger for money and power can kill people, but i put the subject on hold for another article.
Today i'm going to talk about other things, pretty things that makes us women happy. Men would be like "gaaah, not again!" and haters gonna be like "argh~ so much vanity with y'all beauty bloggers!". And i'm gonna be like "who cares?" :))
That being said, i'm going to show you my most used, most loved, most affordable and most wearable lipsticks. I've been using these four babies like crazy lately. Keep reading! ;)

RO: A trecut mai bine de o luna de cand n-am mai tastat ceva pe blog. Chiar si email-urile au fost ignorate. De navigarea prin blogosfera nici nu mai pomenesc. Aveam voie doar cateva minute pe zi sa deschid Facebook si Instagram. Mi-am impus singurica un detox de tot ce tine de online pentru ca simteam ca am mare nevoie de asta. Ajunsesem intr-un punct in care care totul devenise prea mult, intr-un punct in care negativul isi facuse sălaş in viata mea si parca nu mai eram eu insumi. Nu mai glumeam cum o faceam inainte, nu ma entuziasma mai nimic, nici macar nu mai puneam mana pe o carte sa citesc. Pentru fetele dragi care-mi mai rasfoiesc blogul, stiu ca cititul are un rol important in viata mea.
We all need a little bit of magic! ;)
In ultima vreme s-au intamplat si alte nenorociri. Nenorociri care zic eu, si-au lasat amprenta in vietile noastre, care ne-au schimbat, si sper eu, ne-au trezit din somn. Una e rutina zilei, alta e complăcutul intr-o situatie, gen "Merge Ioane? Merge cucoane!".
Pentru ca indiferenta, ignoranta, foamea asta pentru bani si putere chiar poate ucide oameni.
Desigur, de cele mai multe ori se uita ca noi trebuie sa fim oameni mereu, nu doar cand se intampla vreun dezastru. Mereu trebuie sa ne amintim ca ziua de maine poate fi la fel ca cea de azi, ori se poate intampla ceva care ne-ar schimba total viata.
Dar destul pe subiectul asta. Restul pastrez pentru o alta postare, din seria #donttakeitpersonally.
Acestea fiind spuse, azi va voi arata patru din rujurile mele preferate din ultima vreme. Cele mai folosite, cele mai iubite si cele mai affordable. Cititi in continuare! ;)

avon lip crayon charming pink
ENG: AVON Lip Crayon in the shade Charming Pink. They say it can be used on it's own or as a lip liner. I say nah~ for the lip liner thingy. It's just a creamy lipstick, but not that creamy that it looks weird on the lips. It has a decent coverage, no shimmer, no glitter, doesn't dry out the lips and lasts about 2-3 hours.

RO: AVON Lip Crayon in nuanta Charming Pink. Zic ei ca poate fi folosit si ca lip liner, si pe post de ruj. Eu va zic nah~ pentru lip liner. E un creion-ruj cremos, dar nu atat de cremos incat sa arate urat pe buze. Cu o acoperire destul de decenta, fara pic de shimmer, fara glitter, nu usuca buzele si tine aproximativ 2-3 ore pe buzele mele.

golden rose velvet matte 02
ENG: Here we have the most loved of them all. It's a beautiful mauve from the range Velvet Matte from Golden Rose, shade 02. It's completely matte, super pigmented, doesn't dry my lips. What more can i say? I love it! And i also showed it to you in an instagram pic. Duck face fail~ :))

RO: Am ajuns la cel mai folosit si indragit dintre toate. Este nuanta 02 din gama Velvet Matte de la Golden Rose. Un mauve pe care l-am purtat in draci. E mat, e super pigmentat, nu-mi usuca buzele. Ce sa mai zic, love it! Vi l-am aratat in poza de pe instagram de aici. Duck face fail~ :))

golden rose velvet matte 06
ENG: I have to admit, i only used this one when i was in a hurry and wasn't in the mood for doing my eyes. Just some mascara, a black kohl and a vibrant red. And off i went. Same qualities apply: matte, pigmented, long-lasting, doesn't dry out my lips.

RO: Trebuie sa recunosc ca am folosit rujul asta numai cand am fost pe fuga sau n-am avut chef de bibilit ochii. Putin rimel, un kohl negru si un rosu vibrant. Si am iesit pe usa. Aceleasi calitati se aplica si la asta! Mat, pigmentat, rezista si nu-mi usuca buzele.

avon 3D plumping uptown pink
ENG: "This one stings!" said a friend when she bought the lippie and tried it for the first time. I said "C'mon, it's not that bad! You can barely feel it". Yep, i know. A dumb exchange between 2 year old grown ups.
This one is so creamy, so soft, so easy to apply, so pigmented. It's such a pretty vintage rose colour. I want some more shades from this range, but gotta try some samples first.

RO: "Asta-i de-ăla care pişcă!" exclama o prietena care si-a luat si ea rujul mai sus mentionat. Eu i-am zis "Hai ca nu pişcă asa de tare! Abia simti". Stiu, conversatie intre doi oameni mari in varsta de maxim doi ani.
Asta micu' e si el cremos, aluneca pe buze, e pigmentat si rezista destul de binisor. E o nuanta tare frumoasa de-un trandafiriu vintage, si parca-mi fac cu ochiul si alte culori din gama asta. Mai intai trebuie sa incerc niste mostre ca stiti si voi cum e cu nuantele din cataloage. They don't match! At all!

Avon lip crayon Charming Pink, Golden Rose Velvet Matte 02, Golden Rose Velvet Matte 06, Avon 3D plumping Uptown Pink

~ . . .that Christmas feeling~

*this is what happens when you play too much with your camera~

ENG: As usual, i would love to know your opinion. Do you use Avon and Golden Rose lipsticks too? Which ones are your favorite at the moment?

RO: Ca intotdeauna, astept cu drag feedback-ul vostru. Si voi folositi rujuri de la Avon si Golden Rose? Care sunt preferatele voastre momentan?
Have a lovely day!


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